Emmaus UK

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Emmaus Communities and Groups in the UK are supported by the Emmaus UK Federation Office. Based in Cambridge, Federation Office staff provide co-ordination, help and advice on issues such as publicity, fundraising and human resources. Read more about the Federation by clicking this link.

Emmaus Bolton

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Emmaus Bolton is a registered charity concerned with homelessness and recycling. We offer a place to live to people who have been homeless and are willing to help in the recycling business we run from the Community at Derby Barracks in Bolton. Our aim is to become self-sufficient financially as soon as possible, by collecting and selling donated furniture and household goods and eventually other business ventures will be incorporated.

Emmaus Brighton and Hove

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Emmaus is not your average charity, so this is not your average charity website. If you've been to visit us then you'll probably have your own story to tell about what makes Emmaus special. It might be the bargains in our Second-hand superstore. It might be the peace and quiet in our secret garden. It might be the egg and chips in our cafe, or having a chat with one of our companions who live and work onsite...the list goes on.

Emmaus Bristol

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We believe that people who are homeless and socially excluded have something to offer. We encourage people to use their skills to change themselves - and change the world!

Emmaus Colchester

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The Emmaus community house in Colchester has now been open four years this August. During that time more than 120 people, (Companions), have lived and worked in our community. Emmaus gives Companions the chance to rebuild their lives in a supportive environment.

Emmaus Greenwich

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Emmaus Greenwich provides formerly homeless people the opportunity to get off the streets and into a structured life within the Community in which to live, work and rebuild their lives. The Community offers a mutually supportive environment, where individual needs are recognised and help is offered to prepare for return to a life outside. Companions, as residents are known, are encouraged to use the skills they already have and are also given the opportunity develop new ones. The Community also provides Companions with the opportunity to take part in a range of social activities and to make new friends. They are given the support they need to enable them to regain control over their own lives and to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Emmaus Hampshire

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The Emmaus Hampshire Community provides formerly homeless people with a supportive environment in which to live, work and rebuild their lives. Companions, as residents are known, are given the support they need to enable them to regain control over their own lives and to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Emmaus Mossley

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At Emmaus Mossley we offer a home and work to previously homeless and unemployed people. The project finances itself by collecting and selling donated goods such as furniture, bric-a-brac, antiques, electrical appliances, clothing, books, toys, etc.

Emmaus Oxford

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The key difference between Emmaus and most other accommodation for homeless people is that Emmaus provides work along with a home. This gives the opportunity to gain self-respect and self-worth, through meaningful employment and the chance to help others. Another important difference is that once an Emmaus community is up and running, it eventually becomes self-supporting through the income from its trading activities.